Academy District 20 Choice Application for 2021-2022

School Choice allows Colorado families the opportunity to select a new school for their student to attend in the upcoming school year.

Is Choice for you?

  • You do not need a Choice application if your student wishes to remain in their current school
  • Preschool students will roll automatically to their neighborhood schools
  • In-district families transitioning building levels (from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school) will automatically transfer to the next feeder school of the student’s current school

You need to complete a Choice application if:

  • You want your student (residing in-district or out-of-district) to attend a different District 20 school for the next school year
  • Your out-of-district 5th or 8th grade student wishes to continue attending a District 20 school
  • Your out-of-district student is applying for the first time (for this student) to an Academy District 20 school
  • You want your student (residing in-district or out-of-district) to apply for the Eagleview MS Academic Arts Academy new pupil lottery
  • You want your student to apply for the School in the Woods new pupil lottery (incoming 4th grade only)

The following schools and programs are not available during the Choice window. For information on the application process for these programs, please visit the school web sites and contact the school principal:


Choice Transportation Information:

If you're still not sure whether you need to submit a Choice application, please contact
ASD20 Central Registry